OP-1 Synth with Ableton

Hey I recently setup OP-1 as the controller of Ableton but is there a way to use it as a synth as well? I want to be able to use the synth and drums sounds from op-1 and record it on to Ableton instead of using the crappy stock sounds on Ableton.

If you can’t make the stock sounds of Ableton sound good, you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you want the OP-1 sounds in Ableton you need an audio interface. Or you could you plug your headphone out in your mic input of your computer. But the quality isn’t gonna be the best.

A second option to get the sounds in Ableton is by recording them in the tape deck and get the sounds digitally with your USB connection.

I like to do lots of work on the op1 before ever opening able ton. Then I can mostly work in ableton. Op1 works great as an instrument or insert effect with an audio interface though. Transferring over usb will help eliminate noise aswell.

It's just I have made most of the composition for a song on my OP-1 and would like to continue using the sounds from it.
Thanks for the help guys

You need to use line out on OP-1 into your audio interface.No (live) audio over USB.