OP-1 Tape 1,3 & 4 Not Working

Hello all,

I’ve had the op-1 for about a month and a half. Much experimenting but not really putting anything down to tape but I do recall T1 & T2 working for tape.

I’m not sure if I’m missing something very basic, but when I go from drums or synth to T1, T3 or T4 - I can see that op-1 is reading the sound but I cannot hear sound.
Nor when I record on them do they play back with sound. Only T2 seems to be working.

Am I missing something, anyone have some trouble-shooting tips or should I just reinstall the firmware (which I don’t want to do because I have so many tweaked & killer samples)?

Thanks in advance!

Are the mixer channels turned up?

Hit the mixer button and make sure the levels are turned up on those channels.

Yep, that worked thanks! I knew it was probably basic but thought it might be glitched. All channels besides 2 were set to 0.

Thanks again!

Another thing to look out for next time is that you can turn on and off a tape track with SHIFT+[track number button] and of course solo a track if you hold down the tracks button in tape mode.