OP-1 to dubplate

So I cut my first tune onto vinyl yesterday…it was made on a plane journey using the OP-1 and some samples…I like the idea of cutting tracks onto one off vinyl, a nice way of archiving stuff. For anyone in London check Peckham Cuts, they got a walk in service 10" dub 2 sides for £25


Seriously impressive. Thats the way to go.
I wonder if that price is available Northwest ?

Nice one man! that’s a decent price for getting your own track on vinyl :slight_smile:

Dubplates wear quite fast though don’t they if played a lot?

A great thing to have. Something cool to hand down to the kids - daddys record.

(and following you now too)

And it’s a good tune.

Thanks for checking!

The vinyl isnt acetate (traditionally used for dubplates) its a more durable pvc type material. So the amount of plays is pretty much unlimited compared to about 50 plays for acetate. He does mail order too (recently done 50 dubs for a label in Atlanta).


£20/35 is a bloody bargain considering he is mastering the music too!

Presume that the 50 dubs for atlanta label were not all the same track then - they’d have been cheaper going with Qrates.