OP-1 to iPad with the new update #243 that gives streaming usb audio


I tried connecting my OP-1 with the latest #243 update directly to my iPad Air through USB via the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. The OP-1 appears in the iPad DAW (AUM) both as “Hardware Input” and “Hardware Output” with no other options.

I was expecting that I could connect the OP-1 as an Input to the iPad, add some effects and have the output through the iPad speaker (or other audio interface that might be connected). But since I don’t have that option, I only have the sound coming out of the OP-1 before the iPad effects. And if I route the OP-1 sampling to come from USB with the iPad output going to OP-1 then I get a feedback loop.

Is it possible to simply have the iPad getting the OP-1 as an input through USB or am I missing something and not understanding what is this feature of streaming usb audio in and out?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi did you figure it out? About to try the same and want to get the right adaptor for it. Thanks

Probably iPad cannot change outputs separately. so playing Op-1 while listening to the iPad output sound will cause a feedback loop.