OP-1 to midi battery powered device

Is there any battery powered device, or a device that can be powered by the OP-1’s USB port, that sends out midi via a standard midi port? I know the Kenton Midi UDB Host is mentioned a lot, but that needs to be plugged in to mains power to work.

I want a way to sync my TT-303 to the OP-1 while I’m out and about and not near any mains power source. Any ideas?

not sure if what u are after exists. but you can power kenton via a standard USB battery. they are super cheap these days. i do this alot for portable music-ing.

The connector on the OP-1 is not intended to power other devices, according the the USB standards. The device would have to be battery powered or plugged in.

i reckon the ipad might be able to accomplish this.

I’m anti computer / iPads when it comes to making music.

to each there own. i can relate though. menu diving on the ipad is cumbersome but once setup ios devices are most excellent midi bridge devices. plus a wealth of “vst’s”

It’s more because my job involves being on a computer all day, so when I’m making music I don’t want it to feel like work.