OP-1 Tracks


Just listening through the last 100 posts & 3 pages and must mention
@djkenstone Closer = really pleasant OP-1 only track.Nice arrangement and the rhythm has a certain uniqueness which makes for such a good listening experience.
@opalfyre your sketches are really nice and demonstrate the funness , plus sound qualities of the OP-1.Another example of honest music made with it.Your style reminds me of Green Velvet and its more than the image of your glamorous photo connecting me with his style.(Very nice may I add).
Gems from @kln & @beefinator along the way…Very inspiring and just straight up excellent music.


How do you embed the player? It shows in my typing field, but when I post the comment, it doesn’t exist. Help-a-brother-out?


Hey mrbernard, all you need to do is paste the link into your post and the site software will do the rest.

The confusion comes from the fact that it doesn’t show it as a player when you’re authoring your post.

Hey mrbernard, all you need to do is paste the link into your post and the site software will do the rest.

The confusion comes from the fact that it doesn't show it as a player when you're authoring your post.

Thanks! I’ll push through the confusion.

At first, I made my own thread, but was corrected (newbie foul). So, here it is here. here.

So, I know most tracks everyone posts are “mostly done on…” or “entirely made with…” the OP 1. I have quite a few projects going on, and am finding amazing ways to integrate the OP1 both in studio and live. Here’s a new track with some OP1 peppering, but by no means a “featured” instrument. I’m still working on that.



Here’s some hip hop. 100% OP-1. This is a basic track, w/ rhymes and embellishment to come.

Thanks for peeping.




RnB jam, made with Analog Rytm, and lots of sounds from the OP-1 sampled into the Octatrack (as well as some sounds from Der Oto).


Some great tracks in this thread. Op-1 seems like perfect box for lofi hiphop etc :slight_smile:



All the synth sounds on this come from the OP-1 :slight_smile:


This track has a bassline made on the OP-1…that counts, right?



2 drum and bass/jungle tunes made by jamming on the op-1



and another one:



noisey industrial sketch

all op-1 (drums are samples, technically)



Here’s an updated trippy version of my soundtrack for a Video-art project. Everything was done on my beloved OP-1 >>> Click, listen, enjoy.


OP-1 on drums and chords

Made this with OP-1 and 4 Korg Volca's.



Hey all. Check out my latest jam on OP-1.


I'll re-post my work again. All tracks made solely on the OP-1. I am new to this whole music game, so most of my levels are a bit off etc etc. Hope y'all enjoy them. There is some useful/interesting info in the track description. https://soundcloud.com/eren-celik-1/sets/my-work

I really really really like this. Amazing that you did everything on the op-1.


the new drum kits in the beta are tight.



Hey there. Check this out.


My first OP-1 composition. Instruments are samples from U-He Diva. Levels and reverb adjusted and added in Reaper.