OP-1 USB Audio stops in controller mode

Hey guys. I want to use the OP-1 with my iPad as a controller and USB interface.

But in controller mode the audio stops although the iPad still sees it as an interface and defaults to it.

Am I missing something?

u dont have to be in controller mode to send MIDI
still sends MIDI in OP1 mode too

obv u might have some other need to be in controller mode :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d need the OP-1 to be quiet, and also in MIDI mode I use the buttons to control Koala / Beatmaker. So yeah, it’s a bit bug.

And I’ve just discovered that MIDI Sync doesn’t work anymore when I send clock from Logic / Ableton. It worked for like 5 minutes…

Can’t help with the MIDI sync to Ableton, but have you tried creating a sample of silence and then using that patch when you need quiet?