OP-1 USB charging issue - hardware fault?

I’ve had my OP-1 since 2017 - I bought it second hand, and I assume it was a few years old at that point. So maybe a unit from around 2012-2013.

Recently my OP-1 began to power off on its own. I couldn’t then turn it back on. I put in the USB charger and tried charging via a wall charger and through the laptop but to no avail.

I replaced the connector board, assuming that the USB port was damaged somehow. This did not fix the problem unfortunately.

I have now noticed that when I plug in the USB cable into the OP-1’s USB port and hold it in there firmly, I then start to see the charging lights and it seems to charge as normal. When I release the pressure on the USB cable, the lights simply flashing and the charging fails again. Replacing the USB cable also had no effect on the charging failure.

Have any of you kind members here experienced anything like this? I’ve updated the firmware and tried all the various different battery-related diagnostics with no success. I’m convinced it’s a hardware issue.

Thank you all for reading.

I’d try another cable, I know you already tried 2 but from experience I know that sometimes OP-1 can be fussy about cables.

Thank you for the suggestion @darenager but I have tried 4 different USB cables, all with the same issue.