OP-1 with powered USB hub (Android)

I am off on holiday this weekend and of course my OP-1 will be tagging along. One thing I am concerned with is being able to back up my tapes / albums whilst away. I want going to take my laptop and when hooked up to my Android tablet I get an error message (“High Power USB device detected”). Am considering buying a USB hub to see if that works but don’t want to waste my cash if this doesn’t (all my spare cash went on my OP-1!).

Anyone tried this?

A little bit unrelated but yesterday i tried to connect my op-1 to my android phone. But i was also in need to backup my tapes on the go.

I have a microusb male to usb female adapter which i plugged in to the op-1 usb cable. Installed stickmount from playstore (needs root)

It worked! It showed up on the filemanager on the phone. Then I just upload them to the cloud or save them to the phone.

Should be no need for root, but you need a USB OTG cable. And a file manager software, OI file manager is free and good: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.openintents.filemanager.