OP-1F List Bluetooth MIDI - How do I "un"forget?

I’ve been experimenting with the Bluetooth MIDI on my OP-1F. I managed to pair some devices in the Bluetooth List screen (Shift+COM, LIST).

I accidentally pressed FORGET on one Bluetooth device. Now I can’t get it to show up in the list again! I’ve power cycled the Bluetooth device and the OP-1F.

Any ideas how to "un"forget a forgotten BT device on the OP1-F

Presumably lower cycle the other device. It should be in its pairing mode to appear in the list.

Yeah, as I say, I power cycled both…

I have forgotten and repaired Orba, Yamaha BT MD-01, and iPad mini with OP-1f. Maybe try and pair the device with something else? Dunno.

Ok, good to know that, thanks.

I think my mac (with the lid) closed had reconnected to the BT device (CME Widi thru 6) and captured it again, even though I thought it was off. I forcibly disconnected it from the mac, and it showed up again on the OP-1F