OP-1F: Measure markers on tape?

Dumb question here — checked in the manual and can’t find the answer.

Several days ago I was fooling with an ambient track and hid the measure markers on the tape — I don’t know how.

Now I’ve tried to get them back and can’t.

Has anyone else done this? What are the keystrokes for hiding and showing them?


Under BPM, turn the appropriate colored knob to get back to sync/beat match tempo to tape speed

Edit: on the OG it’s the green knob, I think the gold knob on the Field?

Excellent!! Thank you.

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Happy to help!!

Another tip if you have a Modular system:

If you turn the Green or Gold knob (depending on machine) all the way clockwise to PO sync, and then hold shift and continue to turn the green/gold knob clockwise, the bottom text switches to 1/16 sync, which I believe is the modular signal standard.

I don’t have a modular rig, but I saw this mentioned elsewhere and seems like a largely overlooked feature.


Oh, cool! I have a small rack. I’ll have to give that a go at some point.

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