OP 1F + OPZ confusion (Help!)


So I totally dropped the 2k and got the OP 1 Field! It’s a beautiful machine and I really like it so far, altho a little frustrating.

Here is my first issue- I cannot for the love of me for the op 1 field get it to sync in time with the tempo in ableton. I adjusted the buffer size etc. What is the proper setting/way to do this? and yes its hooked to my i7 11th gen blade 17 from 2022 directly usb c to usb c. I get audio coming into ableton, can hear it clearly, but when i press a key on the op 1 field the sound comes thru into ableton delayed by a second or so, its clearly off beat. Op 1 field was on midi sync as well and set as input in ableton. Any insight to what is going on and how to get this to sync properly would be great.

SECOND issue!! please help me on this as well,
I want to get an OP Z to pair with my op 1 field. I am a little confused by this setup. Is it even worth pairing an op z with the field? since the op z can sequence alot and do it so well whats the point in the field? im guessing it can add alot more synth or extra sounds to the mix? atleast thats my guess as the field being a part of the mix. Correct me if im wrong but what is the overall benefit of having both paired rather than just the op z by itself? And, also! Is the OP Z a good buy for a guy who likes to make a lot of techno songs?

Feedback super helps!

For audio… I left windows a long time ago… but assuming you’re running on windows you may need to get the ASIO4ALL driver (or whatever is equivalent these days) to reduce your audio driver latency… just a guess. If it’s in time, just not sync’d Ableton live does have plugin delay compensation that might be worth investigating too… though I’ll be honest, they may be hard to keep in sync perfectly for a number of reasons… start with ASIO4ALL and PDC though, and see where you get.

As for the OP-Z and/or/vs the OP-1. Well the OP-Z does have a great sequencer, but it’s got limited sampling time memory/slots. It does pair quite nicely with the OP-1 though, and you can do fun things like record an OP-Z sequence to the OP-1 tape, and then move on to something else on the OP-Z, and keep them both in time. They do compliment each other rather well, and have enough strange quirks and oddities between them that can push you to think outside the box to make music/solve problems.

OP-Z should be fine for making techno songs… just load up samples that you want to work with, or use the OP-Z to sequence stuff on the OP-1. Either way, yes you can make music with one or the other, or both, that will be techno :smiley:

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