Op + daw

Didn’t think OP would get much action here in sessions with other gear + daw. Connected it yesterday and ended up not using any other hardware at all except some fx from Roland sp404/555… Super quick box for random journeys. Once you remove the limitation of 4 tracks/needing to bounce/‘linear recording being a hassle’ it’s a totally different unit. Especially if you just manual sync when using the Op sequencers etc. Super fast workflow that spits out tons of cool stuff.
Tape is rad for portable and loop based songs but really surprised at how legit OP is in its own right just as a synth/sequencer/noise box. Guess I’m posting this in case anyone out there hasn’t used it like this yet, do it :wink:

Having a sequencer/DAW control the MIDI LFO when the OP-1 is used as a synth module is a real nice thing.

except the synths are so inconsistent that if you modify the (source) parameters, the same CC values will mean different things. this shouldn’t have been a “midi” LFO at all. such an afterthought

Lurking for so long now I can remember one user here buying LFO Midi Toy on iOS to control the 4 lfos via midi. It is very useful to have any extra modulation and I’m glad this feature was implemented.