Hi all, I’ve designed an android app that can create OP-1 drum kit .aif files and make back ups on the go. It works with an OTG enabled android device.

It is a highly updated version of OP1DKU I made last year. I have decided to sell it as I have put tonnes of work into it.

I will be adding OP-Z support and more features in the near future.

Find it here:


For more information go to:


Hope you like it!


Great work! thank you.
Have you thought about putting a synth sampler option in there? for OP-Z guys :wink:

The power of android! I wish the new ipad pro was even capable of doing this. Amazing work. I bought a copy. Very cool.

Metske this is wonderful! I came hear after having some issues with the PC Drum Utility and this was a lovely surprise to find. I’m looking forward to testing this out and would love to provide feedback if you’d like.

@mcslambley as much feedback as possible would be greatly appreciated! It all helps me to provide a better app!

Fantastic stuff @Metske ! Any ETA on the restore backup functionality?

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Still working on it, can’t say when unfortunately, I am also developing a basic sample editor for the app and want to have a patch organiser for OP-1 and OP-Z, when the next version comes out there will be a few nice new features.


basic sample editor :hugs: patch organiser :kissing_heart:

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All sounds great. Good luck with it all.


If you can pull that off, that would be incredible…would have to get some tablet just for that :slight_smile:

Great work, I didn’t try it yet but it looks brilliant! As a software developer I really appreciate the documentation you’ve written. It’s straight forward and gives a proper picture of what the app does and how it works. I’m looking forward to testing it out :slight_smile:

Restoring the tape back ups to the op-1 will make this killer for me. Nice work so far btw.