OP-Z + 0-Coast Midi connection


I am close to pulling the trigger on an 0-Coast auction.
Am Icorrect in thinking that I can hook up the OP-Z to the 0-Coast by using a a USB-C to USB-A Adapter, then one of those super cheapo USB Midi interfaces, then finally the 0-Coasts Midi to Midi 3.5 jack converter???


Thank you!

this Interface is working.

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Great, thank you…sadly I lost the auction…but it’s still on my list

selling my Push 2 for it

Or invest in an oplab-module and use the different CVs AND midi to control the 0-Coast :blush: Gives you more possibilities and less cables :nerd_face:


I know…but less money in the wallet :smiley:

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Sad but true :sweat_smile:

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…but one day maybe

they should sell the OPlab for 79,- like the rumble.

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YES…I think that would be nice. But then they couldn’t justify selling cables for $20-30 :smiley:

First of all they should make it work as described. My oplab is keep switching off randomly after some longer time period. I have to restart my op-z to make it work again.

I’d steer clear of those super cheap USB midi adapters, for a little bit more you can get a better one like say a Wersi one, or if you want to spend a bit more Roland and Yamaha make similar.

Those ones in the pic tend to be of variable quality, sometimes even skipping components or wrong values being used. I found out this when I was using one a few years back and was getting stuck notes and unreliable performance, there is quite a bit of info out there on them.