OP-Z and keystep Arturia arpeggio bug

Hi everyone. I love the OP-Z even more when I synced it via usb with the keystep. But I got this weird thing going on. Please help.
All controls are fine when playing with the keystep. But when I start the arpergiator from the keystep. The notes that I’m pushing jump an octave and sometimes and sometimes 2 half steps or 7. Depending on the song. When I stop the arpeggios from the keystep everything is normal. Also when I start building a new song things are ok for a while. But when the songs gets more tracks building up the same problem occurs again.
Ps : when the OP-Z is not on play mode. The arpeggios from the keystep works fine.

Thanks in advance for your help

Things to consider:

When the OPZ plays, it may be sending notes out on Midi to the keyboard. This may affect how the keyboard’s arp is generating new midi data that then goes back to the OPZ’s sound engine.

The OPZ might also be set to forward on Midi data from in to out. Also check the Keystep for any settings like Midi forwarding.

I know using a single USB cable between the OPZ and Keystep confused me, a relative musical novice let alone electronic one, but try to think of it as two midi cables, one in to the other’s out, and vice versa.

What’s the keyboard set to use as it’s midi channel? Is that channel 7, the OPZ’s own arp track? I’ve tried experiments where I arp from my Keystep into the OPZ’s arp, and playing with the relative note lengths, linked and independent tempos. It can produce some interesting and confusing results.

Which device is providing master clock? Are either of them listening for Midi clock on the same interface? I’ve noticed that the Keystep’s arp and sequence features only work when receiving clock or independently playing from it’s own clock. So sometimes pressing play on one will cause the other to start sending note data because it’s suddenly in play mode too!

I wish you good luck!

Thanks a lot. You were right. I had to desable the midi sending. It works well now :slight_smile:

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