OP-Z Android App - Configurator issue

Hi everyone,

I’m very glad to have this little machine with me since little time. But there is an issue I discover recently which is very ambarrassing… Configurator doesn’t really works. In fact it can’t load anything which was not already on the OP-Z… So for example I can’t load the new synths engines and effects : it start to sending it but the loading bar doesn’t move… Have you ever had this problem and found a solution or do you have any ideas on how to solve it?

P.S : I made the last firmware update (1.2.17), try to uninstall and install again the app but nothing work…

Thank you in advance for your support

TE is working on an update:

Try plugging it directly into your phone?


I had the same problem… All you need to do is update the app.

It worked for me after update.

I post this topic before looking at the topic about the new synth and FX engines, where there was answer about this issue… I have download the update and will try again tomorrow. I guess it will work well now !

Thanx for support