OP-Z backplate a bit loose

Hi there,

my backplate is moving and rattling a little. Just wondering if this is normal. Screws are in correct position.

Great device I must say :slight_smile:

I think I read somewhere that you can screw the inside of the yellow screws when the plate is off to change their tightness.

I think you’re right. Awesome, thx!

Mines been loose since day one, three of the screws are really loose, while the other is too tight. I ended up putting doublesided tape on the inside to make it feel more solid.

I have one side that’s loose. I tried to tighten the loosest of the yellow screws by using a small sized screwdriver to tighten the black backing screw, but it was already tight enough that if I torqued it any more it would start to strip the black screw.

Mine is the same

This is a little bit lame. TE can do better with quality control, right?

Indeed. Doesn’t feel like 600€ quality if the back is rattling. At least it could be easily fixed by sending over some proper screws.

I used a little double sided tape inside to secure the back plate.

My hope is that two years from now we’ll be able to order a more stable feeling backplate

Ah yes, the BP-2 replacement backplate. Now with belt buckle!

^ Batman would like that…

@mbutki said:
I stuck some post-it notes inside the case to fill out the extra room. It stopped the rattling, and made the device must more pleasing to hold.

Are the majority of units like this or just the rare one? (plastic casing / sharp edges / breakable volume toggle / cheaper-shorter batteries / no inclusive in/outs basics -oplab which could have been included but werent). They upped the price on the op-z, and lowered the manufacturing costs to future-proof/compensate (for the op-1 shortfall). The worth is under the hood but thats the irony when the product prides itself on being so design savvy.

Also went for the double sided tape option, changing the tightness of the screws didn’t work at all. I have to admit it’s a little shocking after watching this thing on the web being developed and beta tested for so many years.

sod it. Thank you Daim2k, you just made my mind up. Not to say i dont want what it can do, just how much it is for what it is. Thats not design quality enough fur me.

quality ishttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8eVBS7c_hU&t=602s

43mins in

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZvCNca_tLk Another cute clever device. Unlike the op-z this thing does nothing more than doing nothing, It can watch tv with you. Just like your munchie bowl. It does share the same crap space plastic as the op-z has though. £130 though, and that`s £40 more than an E-bow, which is just two magnets in plastic. Please, just can one person acknowledge that op-z is cruelly over-priced.

^ The parts and manufacturing cost are certainly a fraction of the OP-Z price, you obviously need to take into account the R&D costs and future firmware upgrades as well. You may say that it still seems too much, and I agree with you. I think that TE could have sold it for 2/3 of that price and still make the same profit due the the larger volume, but they simply prefer to keep it a small boutique-like business (with the higher price creating more exclusive product). But I’m a Sw dev, I don’t know nothing about BA or the fashion industry… :smiley:

Wow, that escalated quickly. I still say that I totally love the device and that it’s worth the money for sure. Something so special is worth more than its parts and you can see how much love went into it.

Still a bit pissed about the rattling tho :smiley: