OP-Z Battery Died Customer Service is Non Responsive

Can anyone tell me how I can get a new internal battery for the OP-Z? My OP-Z is only 6 months old and it only runs when plugged into a USB and then immediately dies after it’s unplugged. I tested the battery with a multi meter and it is dead and will not charge. The battery seems easy enough to replace but I do not know how to get a new one and of course teenage engineering is non-responsive in my request for support.

****The way they treat their customers is disgusting and will be their downfall. ****


Hi @New_Jersey, did you bought your op-z directly from TE or via a retailer?

supposedly they were supposed to sell replacement battery packs
but that hasn’t materialized i don’t think

Local synthesizer retailer. He hasn’t gotten a response yet either from TE. Unbelievable.

Just received a brand new OP-Z and the battery has this issue out of the box— won’t charge, it shows 0 volts on a multimeter. Assuming the protection circuit kicked in because the voltage dropped too low while it sat in a warehouse or was just defective. TE says on their site that due to courier restrictions they can’t ship the batteries solo, only inside a device.