OP-Z + BlueTooth + AUM

Just curious if anyone else is experiencing consistent crashes of the OP-Z when wirelessly synced to BlueTooth to AUM for sequencing.

My OP-Z freezes after about 10-15 minutes of playback. I don’t encounter any seizing while connected via a wire…so I’m wondering if something is being done over BlueTooth which causes havoc with the OP-Z.


Have no freezes, but sometimes sound is stopping on the iPad. I suspect because of a midi dataoverflow. The OP-Z keeps playing. Slowing down the speed helps.

Does your OP-Z freezes completely?

Yeah it freezes completely. Seems to happen most often when i launch another app in the background like GrooveBox. There must be a midiEcho happening or something. I can regularly crash the OP-Z.

I’ll try and outline the steps here and see if others encounter the same problem who are using the OP-Z with the iPad.

FWIW, i encountered the crash/freeze using Audiobus3 as well.

Ok. I think i found a stable setup. Using Link to Midi to get everything Linkable. Having the OP-Z serve as the Master Clock which then sets the Link BPM.

This setup was super stable today and well, here’s the result of the setup sequencing some kit in AUM with a few BlocsWave loops added for additional texture.

And here’s a video for the piece: Gear Glitch Goodness :grimacing::crazy_face: