OP-Z button issues - retrig, stiffness

Hey. Got an OP-Z a few days ago.
Noticed issues with some of the buttons. Some triggers twice or three times on a single press. And others you have to press extra hard to register input.

I’ve read it’s not an uncommon issue. My device probably has 4-5 buttons not working ideally. (that many can’t be common?)

One of them, the black ‘0’ key had issues before but is no longer showing any signs of issues after being pressed and used for some time.

My question is if i should return it, or hope that the other buttons stop acting weird like the '0’key did.
And for people with similar issues - did the button issues on your device get worse or lessen over time?

I have one of the first batch…it doesn’t get better. Better return it while you can.
It really suck having to hammer those buttons down :frowning:

I bought the opz in April and have this issue with the track and shift buttons.
Is it possible a software fix, or I should ask for a replacement?

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Given how much they cost I would definitely get it to TE while still under warranty.

A software update can not fix this. It’s the hardware that fails, ask for a replacement!

Shit mine is mostly ok, but dbl trig sometimes… Should I sent it back? Bought from OS tho :sob:

Some common design/factory flaws with OP-Z, I think. I had two devices (the one I bought originally and a replacement unit) both suffering from double trigs.
For now I’ve learned that life is fine without OP-Z :slight_smile:

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I wrote to the site where I bought the opz, but they said they will send it to TE where they’ll decide to replace or fix it.
At this point I don’t know what to do, because I’m afraid it’ll take several weeks (and I’m not sure if I’ll get a working unit).

Same here. It can take 4 weeks before they know if they can repair it.
What todo?

I guess it’s just up to each of us if we wanna be w/out Z for a while, and then possibly get a replacement which has same issues :man_shrugging:

Not ideal, but that’s the reality

I’m waiting on my second replacement. It looks like even the new units have the same issue. It’s a shame that this is what the opz is like after a while of using. I think I will probably sell mine once I get it back along with the oplab cartridge. TE should of spent more R&D on the quality of the buttons. At least I still like my op1.

Mine can double trig when I don’t hit them straight, since it’s not really a keyboard this can happen allot. Maybe if you are playing it hard use a keystep? Is not really a keyboard, is just to input notes.


Wait, can you use a Qunexus to input notes on the OP-Z? I don’t have mine handy to check, but that would be interesting for sure.

The key buttons are just for inputting notes until you increase loop length from one bar (so decrease step resolution). From that point you must play notes live to record melody.
I like this approach as it forces the user to use the device like a real instrument instead of just a plain step sequencer. And this is why it is so very important how the keys operate. That’s the reason of why double trigs are counted as a blocking flaw of the hardware.

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of course you can! nothing gives better rolls and flams on Drums + Velocity/pressure/tilt on different CCs.

i think it’s the best Controller for the Z!

But playing it like a keyboard doesn’t make it a keyboard, is still just buttons. If you want to play it then why not get a $100 keystep? I don’t get mad if the buttons sometimes stick on my digitakt from playing then fast, because their buttons… even though you “can” play it like a keyboard it’s still buttons… same with opz… I don’t expect them to handle like a keyboard because it’s not a keyboard.


It’s a fundamental issue, I think. The keys on OP-Z are intended to be used as keys (see my above comment why). In this case they must work like reliable keys and not those ones that often double trig notes. Not to mention the unstable function keys that also often exit their functionality though being pressed. It’s a serious issue with the device.

Using external keyboard can be a viable workaround but not a solution and not a behavior the users should accept and adopt to.


Hi agree with you.
In the end I decided to send it back to the shop where I bought it, they will send it to TE and in theory 1 month max they will send it to me (a new one or they’ll repair it they said).

Better to have a wait a bit and get something you enjoy using and that doesn’t get in the way of your creativity. Not easy though, I’ve been there!