OP-Z crash logs

Hi there,

some are experiencing an occasional OP-Z crash. Interestingly, the OP-Z creates a crash log that can be accessed by mounting it in update mode (systeminfo folder).

Maybe it helps debugging the device? Should these be send to TE?

Mine is doing this after a couple of days. Did you find a solution? Thanks

Hi there! Actually, mine did not crash in a very long time so I stopped worrying about it. In fact I am using it quite frequently and am enjoying it a lot. Do you have the latest firmware installed?

I installed the firmware released on Thursday. This may have been the issue. They released another update the following day which I just installed today so this might be a fix.

Which firmware are you using?
Many thanks

Welcome! I am using 1.1.27.

Ok that was the one released Friday?

I will continue to see what happens


I am using the one dated 19.04.05. Note that the first two digits are the year (YY.MM.DD).

Ah, I’m an idiot
That makes sense. Thanks