Op-z encoder issue

Hi there,
I have had my op-z with the oplab module for about half a year and generally could not be happier. However, for about a month I keep getting a software issue/bug and I wonder if anyone else has had it. After using my device (with or without the app connected, with or without charging etc) all 4 encoders stop working. They still show lights etc but do not affect the settings at all (neither engines nor mixer nor effects nor metronome etc). The only way to “fix” the issue is to do a factory reset, after which it works for a little while until the cycle repeats.
I would like to avoid having to send my op-z back, since this should be a software issue (?) so would be happy to hear if anyone has had similar problems? Other than that my encoders have been working fine and I have had no popping out etc.

Some times my encoders get “frozen”. Rotating them many times only results in a very short change in the number on the parameter they are affecting. Quite rare and no idea what causes it. I think sometimes it just catches up and then is ok, other times I think I had to switch the unit off and then back on again. I never had to do a factory reset.