OP-Z ending pattern changes to Digitakt out of sync

Hi all - new OPz owner. I was really excited to pair this with my digitakt with the hope to use the OPz songmode to sequence pattern changes on the DT.

I believe I am using the OPz properly, but when I start a pattern chain it changes the DT patterns one pattern change behind. I suspect this may be that the opz sends the change command on the first step of the bar and the DT changes patterns at the end of the bar after it gets the PC message.

Does anyone know if what im trying to do is possible? thanks

i dont have DT, but try go to op-z app → midi settings. check or uncheck program-change.

I have done that. thanks. the opz is sending program changes to the DT, they just change one pattern delayed.

sometimes midi controller that sends and receives midi can glitch, if you send click to DT and DT will send click to op-z. so it creates a feedback loop. try to disable “receive” midi on op-z.

This is an Elektron problem. I was trying to do something similar last year when I got a Model:Cycles. After reading a bunch of threads on Elektronauts, I learned that almost ALL Elektron machines don’t respond to MIDI Program Change messages on time the way you would expect.

I also have a Roland TR-8S in my MIDI chain and it handles program changes sent from OP-Z perfectly.