Op-z & ERM Multi-clock

Two questions, is anyone using the Op-z and Oplab to sequence external gear with a daw (specifically Reaper) as the master clock? If so how?

Does anyone here have any experience using a ERM Multiclock to sync an Op-z? I was hoping to use the Op-z with my daw but am having zero luck syncing it. The clock moves so much I can’t set the correct offset for it in Reaper.

I use opz module with hardware synth (Korg Minilogue module and Werksttat-01, bluebox) and I use my ipad pro DAW, IPadOS app such as: AUM, Audiobus and sometimes Midi flow–and the all sync well. I had some issue at first, but it turned out that not all TRS to 5 pin DIN are made equally. Openlab supplied TRS to DIN worked fine. OPZ also sync well with bluetooth.
I do not use ERM Multi-Clock.
I am sure, you have already tried the trigger/midi settings in the oplab.
There is a reaper related midi sync forum suggest to set your playback rate to 1.0 - might help. See the link below.

Thanks for the reply.

Sync works well if my audio buffer is low but doesn’t work at the large buffer rate I usually run my sessions. I’ve tried all the various ways to compensate. I hate to spring for a erm multi clock ($$$) but I’ve been messing with these types of issues for many years.

I think I could be just trying to use the Op-Z for something it isn’t meant to be.

For anyone who may find this in the future. The multi-clock fixed all my sync issues with Op-z and Reaper. It works great now.


I love the multi-clock