OP-Z + Korg Gadget

Going to be spending a bit of time seeing how this relationship works out. Here’s just a quick sample of the combination of the Zed and Gadget doing what they do best.

My hope is to do a complete walk thru and show how to config and map custom CC’s to the encoders on a per instrument basis, and use of some nice Step components on the Zed.

Wish me luck and let me know if this sounds interesting to you all.


i’m into it! curious to see what you’re up to!!

iam more into OP-Z and Model 15 App.
when napped with CCs it’s really a big stand-alone synthengine.


Yeah. It’s nuts how powerful and fun the Zed is once it’s controlling other kit.

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Awesome, really interested in this!

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this is very cool. I would be interested in seeing how you set this up for sure! Just got Korg Gadget and have been having fun with it. Post the video here when your done!! Looking forward to it.


Thanks for the interest. Working on it now, so I’ll post it here once it’s on the YouToobs :slight_smile:

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Get on with it!

Getting right on it:


Life has been happening, so I haven’t been able to get around to recording the OP-Z to Gadget set up yet…however, I am having a blast using the OP-Z with iOS. Here’s a little groove I put together with the OP-Z sequencing 5 instances of ReSlice in AUM:

ReSlice Beats

As always, thanks for listening.


Nice song, man. I hope you will do video about creation of this track.

This is sweet. Are your Reslice sample sets audio from the OPZ? Or are these from external sources and just sequenced by your OP-Z?

No. They’re just some of my personal samples.

Haven’t quite found the time to record that setup video. But after doing the Ableton one the Korg one is up next. :facepunch:t3:

In the meantime here’s another track using the OP-Z to sequence Korg Gadget:

FWIW, composed this one on the flight home last night. :thinking::pray:t3::two_hearts: