Op-z locks up after uploading sounds

so im downloading sounds from op-1.fun website along with some cuckoo sounds from his sound packs and putting them into my op-z. After im done, i eject op-z and try to play something and boom! op-z locks up! this is super frustrating, ive been going at this for hours now trying to find which sounds are the ones causing this. anyone know a way to determine which sounds are causing this? no sounds appear to be rejected so im confused…im so frustrated im considering throwing this thing away(not really) :frowning:

it could be the amount of space left at the end that’s causing it to freak out.
mine would lose sounds/ rearrange stuff when the memory was close to full.
this sucks but you may have to do one at a time to make sure each one works correctly.
remember mono files. also audacity is free and you can convert files there.

just thoughts on the matter…