OP-Z Low gain recording in DAW


I am trying to record my OP-Z into my DAW (bitwig) on a MacBook Pro 2012. I’ve used the built in line-in on the MacBook and my maschine mk3 using a 3.5mm to 1/4 inch, but the gain of my OP-Z seems to be very low.

Any tips on getting a louder output from the OP-Z?


Hmm the output of my OP-Z is actually quite hot. When recording I don’t have to turn the volume knob too far and it is REALLY loud.
Are you sure your input settings are correct?

Perhaps the master channel gain or mixgroup volume?

Hi DerNeils & fallen_lassen for the reply!

I checked the synth, drum and master channel gain on the OP-Z and increased them to a level just below clipping in the master channel gain. I cranked my OP-Z volume knob to the maximum and the input recording I receive in Bitwig looks as follows:

I used a 3.5mm cord to send audio from the OP-Z to my Macbook’s built in line-in. I also saw similar results using a 3.5mm to RCA and connecting the OP-Z to my Native Instruments Traktor Audio 6 input.


What happens, when you are using headphones directly out of the OP-Z? I guess it’s loud as f*ck? Otherwise there is an output-issue with your unit.
If that is not the case, something else must be wrong. Have you tried different cables or only the one?
Is there an option to raise the input-sensitivity of the line-in?

Have you tried othe instruments and do they seem to be louder?