OP-Z Microphone issue

I discovered that when I increase the volume of the microphone towards maximum volume it actually decreases a little. Is this a firmware issue?

Anyone? Please

Same here.

Hi Lymtronics, thanks for the response, I contacted TE.

My microphone is completely erratic. At times it has the issue mentioned above, but most of the time it switches between being too high and cutting completely out.

My mic does not work at all… Not very annoying because it’s not a super feature but… a little bit frustrating. Qyprxnh did you have an answer from TE ? Any clue anyone ?

Same here.

Any good alternative to record voices directly on OP Z ?

At the moment you can’t record your voice direct into the opz. Maybe in a later firmware?
You know you have to hold the opz in your hands and push the screen button?
You can of course record your voice with your computer and import the files into the opz.

Yes I know and was a bit frustrated not being able to record my voice. Though was a bug of the hardware.

What the point of a headset with microphone (as suggested in the manual) then ?

It is meant to sing live with your music. It is not a bug. And the headset is for singing also ?

Mine will feedback horribly when using the internal speaker unless I set the volume very low, it makes it very hard to use unless I use external speaker, I guess that’s just how it is though with a mic right next to the speaker.