OP-Z Midi and Sequencing

Hey there,

first of all - sorry.
I know there are a few Midi/Sync Threads but somehow i have the feeling that they are to advanced for a sync newbie like me.

I already know that the OP-Z is some kind of Sequencing Beast with great potential.

  • So every OP-Z Track can Send and Receive Midi BUT can i use for example the Bass-Track to send Midi to an iPad Synth but NOT playing the Bass-Sound or playing different steps in the OP-Z at the same time?

  • Is it possible to send midi via the usb-c cable or only via bluetooth and oplab-module?

I would like to sequence a Behringer Model D with an OP-Z together with using the sounds of the OP-Z.
Even if i am willing to sacrifice one track just to sequence external gear i can’t mute the track because it “mutes” the sequencer-steps too.
So i only can lower the sound output of the op-z to the minimum but then i can’t use all the others OP-Z Tracks…

Each track has a separate volume, so you can control how much internally you want compared to the external synth. You can do this 16 times theoretically, even though really you want a midi splitter if your gonna chain more than two other synth’s because the midi data lags in the long cords from one synth to the other. I hope this makes sense, I’m tripping to talk very basic to be understandable.

Thx very much!

Oh yes right, i can lower the volume without muting the track. That makes sense.

But the Midi triggers sent out are always the ones used inside for the track i am right? So one Track can’t have intern and extern Midi, just the same triggers for both?

But i could use the DMX or Video Track to send midi without “loosing” an Sample-Track, am i right?

Yep, tried it and worked as expected with the module and the video-track :raised_hands:

BUT: On None-Sample-Tracks (like Video and Module Track) you do not have the possibility to use step-components….