Op-Z Modules



i just took like 5 minutes to google it and found a couple more




should‘ve been 59,- € at least. especially this one should state a standard range of connections as I think everyone should get this module…
it’s really pricey by now.

the Original has been really pricey aswell but there was nothing to compare at the time of release + really really low stock worldwide!
i have to see the other modules but now it‘s meh :frowning:


Yes thanks. In the us they are easy obtainable. In europe its harder.
Until now i only found the cinch ones


This one seems ok

But i already have two of these but they just make two stereo out of one stereo.
Its cheap so ill try it again.


Another stupid choice besides the price tag is that we only get either midi out or po sync from the module.


Thanks for posting the guide. Interestingly, the guide says the midi cable is included but on the order site they were selling it for $20…?


Yes, I believe 1 is included. Additional are $12USD. You may need extras if you want MIDI out as well as in for example.


It’s sold out?? Wtf I need this… Damn…


Id say more than just a couple plugs too haha!


Could anyone clarify what I’d be gaining with the module when connecting the po 33 (or any pocket operator) to the opz (which I understand is already feasible without the module). Does this add the sequencing capabilities of the opz to the sounds from the pocket operator?


no it doesn’t add sequencing capabilities…all it does is that it let’s you use the OP-Z in stereo, whereas the hack version makes it mono.
But ifyou are using a Retrokits RK-005 or something similar it is not worth getting this overpriced module. IMHO


Yes, if you only need the MIDI / Sync part and don’t mind an external solution:

It’s way more flexible than the module for approx. the same bucks.


If you use a Keystep with your OP-Z you already get midi, CV, plus arps and a keyboard.


I think the RK-005 also does CV/Gate…so you probably get the same funtionality for less money
when the next module comes out, you can use the RK-005 while using a new module…

That’s what seems especially stupid about these modules. But who am I to judge the cashgrabbers :wink:


RK-005’s CV capabilities are very restricted (no voltages beyond 3.3V, and one port only). If you’re planning to use the OP-Z with a modular rig (e.g. the PO Modulars) the ZM-1 module makes perfect sense, and I’d buy it in an instant. But since I’d only use MIDI and sync at the moment, I’ve opted for the RK-005.


I agree. My go around is to use an Arturia Keystep… you can connect via USB to the OPZ and pass midi through via the Arturia midi inputs. Haven’t tried the cv gates, but this option is a similar price… If there is a sampler module than this will be redundant as well.


That’s true, but it’s nice being able to just have the opz and not need anything else, plus you have the settings inside it instead of having to program the settings on a keystep. When the sampling module comes out you put it in when you go out and sample stuff and put the oplab in once you got your samples in… that’s not that bad I don’t think, that way you get all the functions all the in and out control and still get a small size. I’m glad I got the module but there are other ways.


I’ve been following closely. There hasn’t been any official suggestion of a sampling module. It’s conjecture at this point.


Yes but they probably will, all the ability is already in there, they would be crazy not to… I think they will wait to sell a bunch of op1’s but going forward the opz will get sampling I think, they can name their price on the sampling module and still sell all of them.


I’m sure (hope!) they will probably do sampling to. They already have a line input though and a mic, so they could use that.