OP-Z Multisample Idea

I don’t know much about multisampling, having never owned a unit capable of it. But I was wondering if it could be possible on the OP-Z if you took the 6 second limit per sample and chopped it into smaller chunks of audio (like 4 x 1.5sec chunks) that could then be mapped across the key range or velocity? Just an idea.

Under the 6-second limit, I think one sample and one layer would work better.

I think mapping different samples to key ranges (across two octaves only) can be done in a somewhat laborious fashion with the drum tracks. Also you get 12 seconds.

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Are the drum sample speed increments known? As in if I set it at -50 I know that is one octave down?

It would be helpful to know what values were for which note (assuming sampled at note A like the synth tracks).

Each key can be turned by semi tones. Or do you mean something else?

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In the sampler mode, the +/- key changes the pitch in semitone steps.

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Aha ok hadn’t thought of that. So record a few variations of a sound at the same note, 12secs total for all sounds. Then assign them to different note/keys on the sample track, and pitch it up/down to the correct semitone…

Sounds very interesting! Must try it one time.

What note would you play your sounds into?

Problem there is limited polyphony on drum tracks!

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It doesn’t have to be the same note as long as you tune them appropriately. Could be say four notes fifths apart for an even spread.

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The OP-Drum Utility is used for mapping samples into a loadable format that fixes them to the octave.

The Utilityis easily available from OP-1.fun

Never tried this with Drum Utility but it seems others have.