OP-Z Oplab - maximum number of channels/limitations

Hiya, I’ll be getting my 2nd replacement OP-Z from TE soon (hopefully this ones all tickety-boo) and I’m considering getting the Oplab, which is just £104 from Kytary at the moment.

I’ve not done anything with modules in it and what I’m wondering is, using the Oplab module how many independently sequenced MIDI channels can I send down it at once? Could each audio channel track on the OP-Z be muted so that they can all be sending MIDI data out of the Oplab to a MIDI splitting device to loads of external synths etc?

How does that compare to using a USB MIDI device (like the UM-ONE-MK2) with a USB-C OTG cable?

At this time I’m not doing much that can make use of the CV, but if anyone wants to cover that in a reply then maybe it would be good to get this all in one thread.


Sixteen midi channels at once.

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Cool. The fact that there’s a module track confuses me… I wondered if maybe MIDI could only be sent from the module channel? Obviously not then.

The module track is for midi settings and cc assignments, also it’s how you send CV and CV knob voltages.

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