OP-Z Oplab trigger-in help

Having trouble with the trigger in of the OPLAB, trying to come out of the 1/8th inch clock output of a double knot, Selected a track, did shift hold and zero , And all I get is a furiously blinking step that won’t trigger, everything else seems to work OK, just can’t get this part working, which is somewhat vital for my use! Having trouble finding any more information on this part, anybody?

*a bit after writing this, I dug out a volca beats, and got the sync from it triggering steps, but that stopped working after I moved it over to sit with my other gear! Weird.

On what track did you try it? And did you program a pattern on that track?
Over here it works flawless with a clock out of a roland system 500 505. And with a clock out of a ehx clockworks.

Thanks for the reply and input. I tried on a few tracks, kick, high hat, sample, the module, and yes there were patterns in all of them. Maybe I’ll try a firmware update and factory reset (again, and again) and see if that does anything… The “furiously blinking LED” makes me think that it is in the correct mode and is waiting for something, it’s just not latching on to the signal I’m sending it… Maybe I’ll borrow some less idiosyncratic gear to try clocking it with…

The blinking is on the beat. Maybe the voltage is not high enough.
With the clockworks the level of the trig/clock is about half way around 5volt i guess.

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