OP-Z or Digitone?


I was about to buy Digitone last week, but I started to watch some OP-z demos and the sound is all I’m looking for. The bass impressed me much more than those of the digitone. I found the integration of video and images fantastic and will be a very useful resource for me.

But the OP-Z’s warranty is far less than Digitone’s, and the digitone seems to be far superior in terms of build quality.
Most of OPZ onwers said to me that TE build quality does not even come close from Elektron’s machine, and that the support are bad.
I woulndt like to buy something that is not durable.
Anyone here has both??


I have both.

I have no concerns with the build quality of either. Although the DN’s outer case is certainly more durable (being solid metal) the OP-Z’s encoders (excluding the volume knob) seem more durable as they are flush mount. Also, the OP-Z could almost certainly survive a drop since it is so light; not sure if I would risk it with the much heavier DN.

Most of the complaints about the OP-Z seem to be regarding initial build quality, so my advice is to buy from a store with a good return policy.

The DN sounds lovely. It is my favorite sounding synth of all time.

BUT as good as the DN sounds, it has been gathering dust since I got my OP-Z in November. The OP-Z is such a pleasure to use (and sounds great in its own right, if you know what you’re doing). Plus, I can always have it with me, which is a game changer.

Here’s how I see it:

  • Relatively large and heavy
  • Extremely powerful synthesis
  • Sound design focused
  • Decent performance features
  • Great sequencer
  • No sample playback capability
  • Takes itself very seriously


  • Extremely small and light
  • Rather limited synthesis
  • Composition focused
  • Stellar performance features
  • The best sequencer currently on the market (IMHO)
  • Sample playback capability
  • Does not take it self too seriously, it’s more fun

I get more done on the OP-Z. Some of it may sound a bit rough around the edges compared to the silky smooth DN, but at the end of the day, getting more done is getting more done, and LoFi can be really nice.

But hey, what works for me may not work for you. Just my experience.

Edit: more clear word choices


I have the digitakt and the opz, and that was a great summary… it’s weird you will either be really frustrated by the opz or absolutely adore it… and both answers are right.


Opz , The best sequencer currently on the market ?

You should also look at the power of the Synthstrom Deluge ! And this one can act as a looping device ( very last update ) with a 32 go SD card . Regarding its sequencer tons of nice feature wich make the workflow fast and intuitive .

I love my opz as I make tracks quite fast but the lack of sampling capabilities will be something it would let me throw it away at the end of the story


so you are going to throw your op-z away over a feature that it was never advertised to have, but you also love it? I am confused.


Yes that’s right !
Actually I am a big fan of hardware sequencers in general and I have completely found in love with the workflow of the opz ; many feature a great for composing mostly the MUTE GROUP feature wich is game changer for me because it leads me to compose another type of music .
I am joking a little bit when I say “ throw away “ but the thing is that I need a device for improvising with sampling and Keeping an eye on only one main pilot is better than concentrating on 2 machines . …


sampling available in the next update


If you do go OP-Z, just don’t go direct. It took about 2 months for me to organise an RMA for OP-Z failure on arrival. I assume they don’t have a dedicated support department.
My only input I can have here really.


I got mine direct.
Sweeden - Denmark - Germany- East USA - Middle of USA - Hawaii - Australia, then an internal flight here… thankfully it survived and is awesome :grinning:


I think it sounds great and really, I don’t know what I’m doing. So don’t be put off people.


How do they sound together? OP-Z going in via Digitone External-Input. Have someone used it that way? How stable is the midi connection?


I have an op-z, my friend has a digitone (that I have used).

The digitone is a better synthesizer, has an excellent sequencer, will sound better in recordings, etc. You probably want a digitone. This will be a centerpiece in your studio. It’s fantastic. My friend loves his. I do too.

That said, I got the op-z because I have a new baby, and studio time is… limited at best. I’m able to use the op-z when I have a spare few minutes. I can use it traveling. It’s very fun and very engaging, and you can make something quick or take your time. Use the pop-in effects to make a jam. I may never use it in my studio, and I don’t care. I still love it.


Had the chance to get a 2 months old Digitone with Decksaver for 380€. I am curious to see how it will fit together with my OP-Z :grinning:


They sound great together! They compliment each other very well. Can’t comment on your MIDI question though.


Had a little bit time yesterday evening to set them up.

OP-Z is going into the External-Input of the Digitone with Midi send via USB from OP-Z to the Digitone.
To not losing an audio/synth track i‘m sending Midi out from Effect Tracks 1 & 2 to Track 1 & 2 of the Digitone, the light track to Track 3 of the Digitone and the Motion Track to Track 4 of the Digitone. Works fine to sequence the Digitone with these tracks but i can‘t use step components.

But i think that‘s the only way to sequence the Digitone with the OP-Z without losing an audio/synth track of the OP-Z.

Am I right?


I liked the idea to handle both boxes with one sequencer but I came to the conclusion that it‘s way better to use both sequencers.

Beside the fact that the OP-Zs Sequencer is superior because of the step components the Digtone sequencer is very good too.
And if i can‘t use step components on the „audio free“ tracks of the OP-Z anyway it‘s better to use the Digtone Sequencer for the Digitone Tracks.


Get both! :slight_smile: I´m using them together and it´s an amazing combo - even better with the upcoming sampler firmware.


First track with this amazing combo.