Op-z preorder GC or SW

Wanted to preorder the op-z was curious if anybody thinks ordering from either guitar center or Sweetwater would make any difference. Sweetwater seems to have things on back order often not sure if they get as much stock as GC but I could be wrong. Just wanted to see if anyone had any opinion or preordered through either site

I ordered my PO-33 from Sweetwater early this year just after they were announced and it arrived very quickly. Guitar Center took a little while for an amp I ordered to arrive. That being said I pre-ordered the OP-Z from Perfect Circuit because it was 10% off with the code THANKS10 and no shipping or tax. We will see what happens.

That’s a great tip on the promo code, thanks!

Just talked to my SW rep and he said “Our current ETA on this is set around 11/05.” Maybe they are just giving a safe estimate. We’ll see… guess I’ll be watching even more user videos till I get mine. :stuck_out_tongue: