OP-Z randomly crashes


Hi all,
Got my opz about a month ago, everything working great, had added some samples from op1fun until the other day when after adding a few patches the opz would crash randomly - where it would stop all functions and just the kick track would flash white. Does anyone know what this is or why it is happening? I also paired the opz with an iPad for the first time yesterday and it had the same issue when paired.

Shortly after all this the opz now sometimes doesn’t boot or it takes a lot longer to boot if it does.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Xander how many space is left on th opz? I had the same issue after loading too much samples on it.


It’s my understanding that some patches aren’t 100% compatible with the OP-Z and can cause stability issues. Have you tried doing a factory reset (back up your data first!) to see if the issue persists?


Yesterday the same thing happened, everything stopped only white flashing kick track, but I just played with stock sounds( finger playing chords) . Did factory reset because op-Z did not want to start, it’s working for now


Hey all,

Thanks for all the replies! I checked and still had around 20mb of storage left on the opz.

I removed the sample packs that I had put on there from when I noticed the issue, I think @_bt is right and think it was an incompatible sample, all of the ones I have put on there previously were only a few hundred Kilobytes, there was one that was nearly a 1MB which might be the issue?

The ipad app hasn’t crashed it either so everything looks okay, and now can view samples in the configurator (which seemed to previously crash the unit). I will keep you posted if it happens again, or try a factory reset if it does. @dimadjembe do you know if this issue also occurred when you loaded up new samples?

Thanks everyone!


I am also experiencing occasional crashes with the Z going into firmware upgrade mode. The OP-Z writes an entry in the crash log that should help TE sorting things out. Maybe something with the file system? wild guess


Hi, i haven’t try it yet


Okay so it seems like the issue is still persisting, has anyone had any success with a factory reset?