Op-Z Rut

I’m really new to music making overall, I’ve only played electric guitar for years apone years. I feel like I’m getting stuck into a loop with the OP-Z, any tips from some music making veterans on how to get better as a new kid?


I think on the op-z one of the best features to get going ist the master track. When you have set up a nice loop, use the master track to find some nice chord progressions.
Try to change the instrumentation from pattern to pattern (or use the mute groups). It can be quite refreshing, to mute all but 2-3 tracks and build it all up again from there, adding new melodies, time scales or instruments. As soon as you have a pool of different patterns, chain them, play with mute groups, punch-in effects etc.
And don’t forget to add some randomized step components to keep each loop fresh, no matter how often you listen to it.

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I’m finding the tape to be really interesting, gives new life to my old patterns. Try holding Track and turning the green dial all the way clockwise to set the tape to Drone mode, then play with the white and black keys to find a good looping bit of tape and try all the parameter disks on it. I mostly use it for ambient but others have posted really good rhythmic and melodic results. It really adds life to old patterns I have on the op-z, has me thinking in a different way.

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From playing guitar for years upon years, can you read music? If you do try the old tried and true method of learning an instrument. Playing other peoples music. Try sequencing some music someone else wrote, then play with step components and synth parameters.

Wow great tip. Funky looper it is :yum: