OP-Z sample capacity


I dont know if it was mentioned before, or it was clear from the beginning for everyone. Today I removed all the engines (Volt, Digital …) in Bass, Lead, Arp & Chord tracks via the app from their slots. Then, via the PC, I filled all the empty folders, one sample per folder. If you uses the App, it gives you now the possibility to choose from 40 different samples + the build in engines. I think this will also work for the drum tracks.



Sadly, it’s not possible to fill the entire machine with full-length drum kits and synth samples. I’m not sure why they limited it like that. It means that it’s impossible to load all of my current drum kits (which are crammed into the 12sec limit) at once :disappointed:


^ As I suggested before, they are likelly loading every sample from flash to RAM, and there is only so much of that…


I wish it were possible to store user samples in the app though, as it’s annoying to have to use disk mode every time I want to swap samples out…