Op-z sends CCs on pattern change, I'm confused

I bought an oplab to re-record tracks that I had made in the park, in my studio with other synths.

Per project, I set the the MIDI channels of the four synth tracks (neglecting the drums for now) to the MIDI channels of my synths. This works. But when I change patterns (within a project) op-z sends out CC values. I assume these are the values of the synth engines. The problem is that some of my synths take these values and do stuff that I don’t want, while not allowing me to disable incoming CCs (MIDI note messages is what I want)

Am I missing something here?

I’ve since returned oplab to the store, because it was a faulty unit (one of those that don’t quiet fit and get disconnected). Now I’m wondering if I should buy it again or try my luck with a USB-Host box or something.

u can customize // disable the CC’s in the midi config json file i believe.

u can also do it in the app

I’m still a little confused … All I could find about this in the documentation is:

parameter_cc_out        0-255        set outgoing cc value per parameter per track

So each value of each page of a pattern send out a CC value when the pattern is loaded, and I cannot deactivate it?

I guess I could just set all values to 255, after making sure my synth is not using this one …

Why would need these CCs messages? I could use program change messages per pattern here, but don’t quiet see the use for CCs.

I think the theory is if switch patterns you need to reset to the default state for the parameters as they may be changed by step parameters. Quite useful if you use the CC values for your external synth, and if you are not using them, then just set to 255 or something not used as you suggest.

The behaviour is the same through USB midi so changing to a USB host box won’t change this behaviour (unless the host box can filter CC)

CC’s only go 0 to 127 so anything above that isn’t used at all