OP-Z Some LEDs not working - is this a known issue?

I just received a new replacement OP-Z from TE to replace one that had a faulty keyboard membrane (doubletrigs/no trigs etc) and with this new one the last 3 buttons of the 16 sequencer steps (or track selector buttons) don’t light up. They still function, I can put notes on the steps and they play back, they just never light up. I’ve already emailed TE, but just wondering if anyone else has had this?

I’m experiencing this issue on the black “0” button. I have yet to submit to TE since the button still functions and I don’t want to give mine unit up for a few weeks to be fixed :slight_smile:

Well TE have asked for a video of the problem, so I’ll try and do something for them tonight. The LEDs are all part of the main keyboard membrane than my other one had the problem with (and that they had no spares of to replace on my old one).

did you try to activate the backlight option?
if they don’t light at all there’s something wrong I guess

No, I’ll have a go at this after work later, but as these 3 LEDs consistently fail to light, I’m not expecting it to help. (Funny how with this forum that the notification emails you get when someone responds to you actually give your real name, not JohnnyEgo!)

I can only read the username, what do you mean?

Do you get emails to your email account (gmail whatever) when people reply to you on this forum? I do and it tells me the full name you must have set-up here. Your initials are MC right?

Doh, I see that you get that name anyway when you hover your cursor over a user image!

yep. correct :slight_smile:

Well it seems like if TE said they can replace the keyboard membrane then that means it must not be permanently melted on by plastic right?

Who knows. If they’d managed to fix it we’d know for sure. But yes, apparently that part wasn’t available.

I made that same point a few weeks ago, about the site being misconfigured - in that real names should be hidden. But some troll thought his opinion was all that mattered, so I just shut up :slight_smile:

Regarding the LEDs - a sure check would be to stick it on charge and the rightmost step should flash green. If it doesn’t, send it back. At least you know the process by now.


No I agree, it does seem very wrong that the field in our account settings with the label “your full name” is being displayed. There should at least be a warning about this next to the field to flag where the information is being populated.