OP-Z Tracks


@tyroneshoelacez Lucky man ! I want one…but I’m waiting for a re-issue…for the next 10 years




Ok, third time’s the charm?

Digitone + OP-Z together! I love this combo, I imagine I’ll make a lot of tracks using them together.


Hello there, some trip hop beats :v:



Nice one! Enjoyed that.


Finally got around to playing with the drone setting.



This is my first op-z track, after 20 years without composing music, since the golden days of trackers for Amiga computers. So dont’t be rude haha
I used my own samples, some of them are from mellotron keyboard, and a lot of the op-z features, step components, master track, tape, mute tracks, all played from one pattern.


Here’s a bunch of short loops I’ve made, demonstrating the OP-Z’s sonic range a bit. A lot of my own samples were used, but the synth engines also.
Various music styles, I’m a bit of a whore in that respect:



My recent Jamuary jams for week 4. OP-1 and OP-Z are in there of course lol.


The op-z causes addiction. Here is my second song, using electric synth on chorus track, which is not a default option.


Good stuff!


I made my first track on the OP-Z. I usually go for the 90s hip hop vibe, beat-wise, and I use Maschine. But that’s hard to travel with, and I’m always on the go, so there will be a lot more OP-Z-ING this year

ignore the strange album artwork lol…


Tried something different: a minimal jam on the OP-Z and KO-33 with a little effects processing in AUM. Step components is s great! Everything’s just one pattern except for the vocal sample and sampled chord stabs


Another on the more melodic side.


‪finally unlocking a little bit more each day with this powerhouse of a GrooveBox. Using native synths and drums fed thru AUM on iOS. This thing is a blast to use and groove on.

Thanks in advance for listening :facepunch:t3:
OP-Z Jam


My new song, compose and perform with op-z is a pleasure, Oh pseudo happy day.