OP-Z Tracks


Great to see and hear what everybody else is doing in this thread.

Here’s something with a minimal house vibe that I made with the op-z. I took this as an opportunity to try and sequence visuals from the op-z as well.


Another day another little experiment with this little gem:

Thanks in advance for giving it a listen.


Friday, that’s all.


An OP-Z apocalytic song with OP-Z default sounds. Up Dawn.


Waiting for the train, with OP-Z.


Just completed this track on my OP-Z then mastered it in Ableton Live 10 Suite


‪Took today off to hang with the kids on a field trip and had a good hour long session this morning with OP-Z driving Korg Electribe Wave :pray:t3::two_hearts:


I made a cover of Assault on Precinct 13.


Sleaford Mods Cover on OP-Z


OP-Z liveset in progress… :v:


Here is the first thing I’ve posted using the OP-Z. I love this little machine, it’s a beast! https://youtu.be/qtZNnRGigUA


Was that live set entirely on the OP-Z? It sounds great!


thanks! yes 100% raw OP-Z sound


Here is a recording on the opz and modular from this afternoon. Cheers!


Just uploaded my first Z-track on Soundcloud. Gonna record the other stuff I’ve got on it and dump it all on there, then it’s time to whipe the machine clean and fill it up with new stuff.





Having some fun today with these two :slight_smile:
Thanks as always for listening. :slight_smile:


I made this on the beach in Mexico :beach_umbrella::sunny:. Hard to see the LEDs!