OP-Z Using Android

Does anyone know if its possible to search the op-z root folders on android…
Or is it just apple and Windows that’s supported?

There is no op-z app for windows, Mac OS X, IOS, and Android only.

Yes you can view the android app data. On my device it is \Android\DATA\COM.TEENAGEENGINEERING.TE012

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Thank u!
Found the folder, and it seems to give access to any photos or videos…

What I’m really wanting is to be able to upload samples to the op-z from my android phone… Any idea if this is possible?


I’ve never tried it but I’ve managed to do OP-Z backups on Android because you have access to all the OP-Z’s data.

Taking that into consideration I think you can easily upload your own samples from Android to the OP-Z, you’ll probably need to download an app that let’s you navigate the file system (I think this works Play Store: Files By Google), just make sure you’re connecting your OP-Z in content mode (OP-Z Disk Modes).

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As you can see, I’ve only just got the op-z… Only just realised its on firmware 1.2.8… Thinking the update might help with a few connectivity issues I’ve been having…
I’ve stolen my son’s laptop for now, and got the op-1 sample manager programme running… Seems good so far

Thanks for the help

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there is an android op drum utility. I don’t remember what op-z functionality it has but i think the guy is still working on it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.metske.oputility

I think you should be able to do firmware updates and drop samples on the op-z if it’s in disk mode. You just need a file manager app that can see external storage.

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This is a life changer for me if it works!!!
Just bought it and will be testing tonight…
Proper excited :joy:

Remember, there is a grace period for returns on android. When it first came out I had some issues using it with the op-1. I emailed the dev and they were very responsive. If it doesn’t work and you don’t return it email them about your issue.

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I can confirm that contet mode with file transfer works with Samsung galaxy tab A 2019, so does the app. Haven’t tried MIDI yet.