OP-Z WishList Of Features for TE

Hi Group,

Lets make a list of features we would love to have on the OP-Z,
Hopefully TE will see our request and add to the OP-Z that looks awesome already.

Please add the ability to record sequences in realtime and Quantization capabilities for the notes entered in real time.

My wish list is more to do with how it will interact with other gear:

1. USB host
2. Sync out
3. MIDI in
4. Never used a video synth but what I’ve seen from NAMM seems more like a 3D scene player… what about visual filters synced to BPM and stuff like that?
5. In terms of scenes, ability to import from 3D software maybe via some form of app
6. Android and iOS apps

Two way syncing with the OP-1, so they compliment each other, would be great. Imagine being able to parameter lock the OP-1 using the OP-Z sequencer.

Control voltage. 1v/Oct and hz/Oct. Pretty standard stuff to implement these days. Also a way to save whole performances. Maybe like the op1s album. Killer battery like the op1 would also be welcome.

What about the mixer side ?

I think sequencing gear is cool, this is for sure.
If there are 16 tracks, some mixing will be needed, it’s obvious.

What about incoming signals ?
We have plenty of POs and other stuff : wouldn’t a (battery powered) mixer (and stereo recorder ?) be something very useful ?

Cv would be nice, but this can limit what battery is used. I’d take portability over CV when it has midi already.

  • Midi
    * some proper video filtering things going on, and not just a 3D scene player

I want them to add as much as they can until they move away from their simple/minimal design philosophy and drive the cost well beyond my income

All of the screens should have really cool TE style graphics. Right now the sequencer pages are kind of boring. The video synth should A have a video synth where you can do some simple but real video synthesis. Also the graphics element should have a way to create your own not just buy skins. Or at least a way to customize enough to make it your own expression. Right now they say the synth is based on the OP-1. I would hope for as little overlap as possible, I kind of didn’t like how the PO16 sounded so much like the OP1 string machine. Ability to sample or load samples is key. An Ableton Push type way of slicing samples would be incredible. Asking a lot for a machine that is supposed to cost less than the OP-1 I know.

Audio over usb into a Daw for separate channel processing (Like Elektron's Overbridge) would be neat.

Ripping open the OP-1’s four track on USB ?

Use OP-1’s active synth + drum ?

A visual interaction with where the od11 sits within a room and changing its sound projection? And an egg timer.

Ripping open the OP-1's four track on USB ?
Use OP-1's active synth + drum ?

Nice :slight_smile:

Add some different coloured buttons to give a guided colour scheme.

Decent pattern/patch memory (ie. at least 128) with a way of backing up/transferring patterns (even being able to import patterns from op-1 somehow)

Pattern chaining and/or pages like on Elektron gear. The variable speed and length per track is a great start but something as simple as pattern chaining could make a good sequencer great.

Bluetooth audio as an option. Probably wouldn’t work very well, but I have a strange desire to have a completely wireless synth that I can play in an audience :smiley:

As I mentioned in the OP-Z thread, what I would suggest to TE is: how can this video feedback inspire and inform people while composing music? While the cool animations TE showed might provide some inspiration, I’d like to look at a screen and visually comprehend the state of the machine as it plays. Like the OP-1 display x 100. Not necessarily metaphorical graphics like the OP-1 (though maybe), but the idea that you can quickly get a sense of everything going on in the system, from a macro point-of-view and be able to filter down to individual effects and notes. Within a consistent and elegant visual language. That to me would make it far more attractive than the external display just being a video scene sequencer as I don’t do any live DJing, or at least in addition to that.

@petsounds : as the video reacts to the sequence, I thing anyone could build his own metaphorical scene with different angles for instance, and show what is done with the instrument…

Better : if one is too lazy, other may share their creation !
I believe this is really a very smart and impressive move from TE !

@LyingDalai I think that really depends on what data TE sends to the Unity player, and depends on how much we are able to create. Most people won’t be able to (or want to) design and code a scene in Unity, so I’m trying to champion an additional interface that acts more as an intuitive and holistic compositional visualization, instead of just offering flashy scenes for live performances. I’d like to see the state of the system – sequencer, tempo, effects, mixer – all in one go.

The big question for me is, TE mentioned streaming the visuals to tablets – is this purely a visual, or can this be a functional UI which we can control the OP-Z with? This would open up a ton of possibilities.

It’s funny how we almost all see the OP-Z from an OP-1 owner’s point of view, I would love it to complement the OP-1 but I am afraid it ends as just a cheaper and innovative synth on its own…

This said, they clearly said that external gear could be used with it, all hope is not lost