OP-Z WishList Of Features for TE

Decent pattern/patch memory (ie. at least 128) with a way of backing up/transferring patterns (even being able to import patterns from op-1 somehow)

Pattern chaining and/or pages like on Elektron gear. The variable speed and length per track is a great start but something as simple as pattern chaining could make a good sequencer great.

Bluetooth audio as an option. Probably wouldn't work very well, but I have a strange desire to have a completely wireless synth that I can play in an audience :D

This is the primary thing I’d like to see…sadly this is (literally) the only real reason I sold my OP-1. I loved my OP-1, BUT… Because it doesn’t save MIDI patterns in any non-destructive way…I just couldn’t easily utilize it in a live context with the hardware I own.


CDM say the Z has a USB-C port.

+1 USB Host / On-The-Go please.


hoping they release details about the assumed user generated visual implementation ahead of actual launch. maybe a contest for user submitted scenes/graphics to get a free opz.

could help generate buzz for a synth in forums (unity/game dev) not usually interested in musical synths


rutt-etra video synthesis pls


I just want a screen on the device. It doesn’t have to do the video synth thing, just let me visualise what’s going on with the sequencers and whatnot without whipping out my cell phone and futzing with some app.

Onboard preset saving would also be fantastic, tack!



upload to sound cloud / youtube direct from device / app


Yeah, I’m not bothered about the video synth thing at all. I really do like the on screen display of the synth and knobs though.


@petsounds the way I imagine this

I just want a screen on the device. It doesn’t have to do the video synth thing, just let me visualise what’s going on with the sequencers and whatnot without whipping out my cell phone and futzing with some app.

Onboard preset saving would also be fantastic, tack!


I can of like the fact that one doesn’t actually NEED a screen, like just watching the LEDs would be sufficient.

I tend to dislike screens more and more…


I find my self never looking at the PO12 screen. Just the LEDs. Adding muscle memory to an instrument feels so right to me. I don’t think I look at the op1’ s screen all that much anymore. My left hand knows its way around the transport controls super well.

But did you always know? Building muscle memory works really well when you know what you're doing in the first place ;)

To be fair, one of the demo videos shows him using it without any display at all so it's probably not a deal breaker, but knowing there is a display hiding from me is just kind of irksome.


i’m totally down with it. keeps cost down. if you really need a screen? there’s an app for that :slight_smile:


I also fanatasize about this device linking with my Chromecast and I get to use my large TV as the screen. Sitting on my couch producing. Reduce neck strain is always a plus. Gotta look down at my op1 LAME. Also when travelling in a hotel i get ti commandeer the tv for my production visuals muahahaha. hopefully they include another game like the helicopter into the opz screen casting functionality. I’m mostly excited about getting other people involved with the music production. Normally its just like does this sound better or this(like an optometrist) but I look forward to the visual representation on screen were others can really be involved in the music making process. They with there own opinions can now instruct me what sounds better etc. Seems like a more fun way to work visually. Opthomology maybe, I dunno this metaphor is terrible. I already can throw a graphic eq on the screen and get other people involved but knowing TE the graphics will be quirky, engaging, fun. Needless to say and prolly the 30th time I’ve said it. I’m looking forward to this device. And yes I’m a total TE fan boy.


From the PO discussions:

Would be great if chord info could be sent from OPZ to pocket operators.


Has anyone talked about dials/parameters in the “Performance” mode? I would love for these to be something like:

Green = Drum Punch-in effects randomizer (0-99)
Blue = Synth Group Punch-in effects randomizer (0-99)
Yellow - Cutoff
Red - Resonance

(I know that cutoff can be found in the “Master” track, but honestly I find myself in “Performance” mode when I am, well, performing, and would love to have quick access to the master filter cutoff).


About the mute groups :

This feature is very handy for composing but something is missing for me . Would be great if we had the possibility to chain mute groups as well as we can already do with the patterns chains .
Also , would be nice to add a system where we could see how many mute groups is engaged within a pattern . Currently we need to remember for each pattern how many mute group is used , sometimes it is just 4 , sometimes 6 and I neeed something to avoid remembering this .


Envelope to filter cutoff modulation for each track would be really really awesome!


Yes there is lack of enveloppes In this machine even if LFO / trig could be close …


+1 for copying a sequence from one track to another track in the same pattern as suggested in a different thread. This is not only useful for having doubled parts but one could also use the step length multiplier on one track to create some interesting interacting sequences from the same note sequence. The other track would just play the same note sequence slower (or faster).

Another thing I noticed while jamming is that it would be nice if it would be possible to edit individual patterns while a pattern chain is running. So the idea is to chain a number of desired patterns and to gradually edit the tracks within the patterns while the sequencer is playing the chain. That involves being able to select a pattern and track and to edit a track while a different pattern is actively playing in the pattern chain.

Over one reddit it was suggested to enable micro-editing on the track sequencer when the track multiplier is set to a higher value. The concept involves setting the resolution of the displayed steps and to cycle through the pages using the arrow buttons. +1 for that.

However, the OP-Z’s sequencer is already quite powerful and adding more features could make it maybe a bit too complex? However, one would not have to use the added features though.


Who else is on board with the:I think that’s been at the top of the list and it looks like it’s real


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