Op1 and Modular

can I plug my modular directly into my op1? usually after my vca. but theoretically as high as 12v could come billowing out. ive already tested it. works fine. but im worried I might be dmging my Op1. please advise. debating if I should get an Out Solution for my modular. But as is without a headphone amplifier(out solution) im plenty happy with the results I get currently; by directly plugging a mono cable from my modular into my op1. seems to work fine. I rather like having my op1 as the final stop on my modular. please advise tech gurus!

Euro rack? Shameless bump. I need an answer. K thanks.

Hmmm, if it is after your VCA, then you should be able to limit the output by attenuating the output on the VCA. As in, keep the volume down. Probably safest to get an output solution or headphone output module, though. In general that is a nice module to have and shouldn’t cost nearly what other modules do (or replacing something that gets fried by 12V).

Yeah I just bought a MakeNoise Rosie for this exact purpose. I’m still figuring out where in the chain my Op1 and iPad sits.

i can just put an attenuator at the end of my signal though? that should easily bring my signal down to <3vish line lvl. alternatively someone on muff recommended two jack tips tied together with a 2.2k and a 1k from the out tip to ground. this should divide the voltage down to line level aswell? any drawback to this passive approach for an out module?

Putting the resistors on there is the same thing as attenuation. Just without the ability to adjust if needed. Only drawback to passive is if the signal is too low and you need to boost it. But otherwise, the passive approach would work just fine for you. If you are doing a potentiometer or pre-built attenuator, you should just start at max attenuation and bring up the volume until it sounds loud enough for what you are doing.

any drawback to this passive approach for an out module?
You're loading the output which is electrically regarded as suboptimal I think (unless there's some buffering going on). Make sure your source can provide and your resistance can dissipate the power: P = U * I = U * U / R = U ^ 2 / R (there's probably also some RMS stuff going on here, but I'm too stupid for that). In general I suppose the OP-1 input is High-Z so you'll probably only get clipping unless you overdo it with the voltage by some order of magnitude. Don't blame me if it bursts into flames though ;)

This has been my experience with the op1 and modular. Directly plugging the mono feed in sounds perfect. Doesn’t need any extra gain from the orange mixer.0.0 is perfect which I thought was strange. I assumed I’d need to power the gain to something -.0.

It’s true modular into op1 has no clipping(which I found strange.) I guess all the things in my signal path help calm it down.

The 2.2k voltage divider arrangement was taken from some old analog synth so I would assume it’s kosher.

So my understanding of all this is that the op1 can indeed handle modular levels. But some amount of attenuation is beneficial. Simply from a control standpoint. And would stop any errant voltage from billowing through.

I shall read into hi z thanks.

To sum up. Op1 is a beast. TE is smahhht!