OP1 down: any special trick to revive it ?


The OP1 was connected to OPlab (latest OS, Not the first time I have some issue with the USB port and the OP these days).
I was playing with the synth, not even stressing the device with a lot of midi inputs : :slight_smile:
It suddenly started a rebooting loop and now… dead.
Black screen. It won’t start again
Before I contact T.E’s support, is there a buttons combination (like the PRAM reset on Mac) to revive the OP1 ?

Have you tried powering on while holding the com (album) button? A factory reset will erase your patches (don’t remember what it does to tape and album) but that sounds like it’s the least of your worries. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks.
Yes, I've received a mail from T.E a few minutes ago, and then I've tried this procedure.
But, without effect. The situation remains the same.
I'm gonna try to leave it plugged to the Oplab and charge (like mentioned in the mail), without much conviction...
The battery was already fully charged. I don't understand what could have happened.

Anyway, the device is still under warranty, and it didn't happened during a live set ^^