Op1 External Sequencing + External Input?

So the set up I’m aiming for is to have my moog sub 37 and an op1 both being sequenced by a squarp pyramid, with the audio from the moog being fed into the op1, so that I hear both together out of the op1. Is this possible?

If I wanted to record via the op1 in this set up, would I have to record to album? Or is it possible to record the external sound source to one tape track and simultaneously record the internal op1 sound to a different tape track? (I’m assuming not but wanted to check…)

One at a time or both to one track.Recording ext to Tape is fine.No prob stopping OP1 seq and waiting until recorded moog ,but that’s the OP-1 flow.(its a single voice machine b4 tape -including external…well OP1 voice + ext at same time,to same track).

Cool, thanks.

I’ve recently picked up a kenton USB-Midi host and have been recording my external gear (phatty, pulse, etc) back into the OP-1. I was stoked to be able to use the OP-1’s sequencer with my other gear. Overall, it’s been working really well and it’s great to finally integrate the OP-1 into my setup.