OP1 Field - Portable speaker with aux-in

The sound cut-off with speakers is due to an EU eco-design law that requires it. I hate it and never used my Marshall speaker because of it. I donated it to our local rock camp for girls yesterday. Did I mention how much I hate speakers that self-mute?

I returned some Focal speakers and bought Kali Audio speakers mainly because of the unworkable situation with the Focal speakers constantly shutting themselves off. Try editing out pops or clicks at the start point of a sample with speakers like that, it will make you angry. (Anyway, the Kalis are better, don’t self-mute, and are much much quieter overall, no hiss like the Focals had.)

Well, I feel ya, hope you like the OB-4. Does it have the mute issue? I guess anything sold in Europe will have that technology?

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It’s due to arrive this Friday.
And funny thing is, I do have Focals that go into stand-by when not played for a certain amount of time.

And yup, I do hate this feature. Never understood it, never will.
It’s a pain, it’s a workflow killer, the implementation is horrendous and it’s not even eco-friendly or anything smart by no means.

I guess I’ll have to do with it.
I just sent back two marshall speakers for latency issues (the Middleton, unusable) and Bluetooth constant scanning issues (the Kilburn 2, even worst than the first, and even worst than the Focals issue if you ask me).
The OB-4 will have to do. As long as it doesn’t go into stand-by mode every 5 minutes, I’m cool with it.
Took me a while to get used to « waking-up » my monitors by blasting sound (the worst part of this is having to fiddle with your main monitoring settings to find the right amount of signal needed to wake the speakers…unbelievable…).
I hope the OB-4 has a better implementation of such a ridicule feature.

Thanks for the heads-up, anyways!

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: I don’t always do retro stuff but I have a soft spot for the C64 :slight_smile:

The OB4 is no doubt awesome. I haven’t dabbled with that and no where in my state stocks it (same with OP-1 or OP-1 Field) so I’d have to buy it sight unseen. Maybe one day. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Well, it landed today. And as I was saying in another thread, it landed for my first child’s birth.

Me and my wife been napping all day with baby and the Ambi feature. Works wonders for installing a calm ambiance in the room.

Tried it for a second with the op1f. Works wonders AFAICT. The sound is surprisingly good.

Thanks for all the suggestions!
I’ll update this thread if anything comes up!


Tivoli PAL

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